Visit The Atlanta Georgia Botanical Garden

A look into the Atlanta Georgia botanical garden will make you have a certain yearning to view the same. It has a perimeter of 30 acres and is located in midtown Atlanta in USA. It has a deep history since 1976.

It has main objective to ensure that it facilitates the development and maintenance of various plants species. The plants are used for education purposes mainly and also conservation. Also the garden is visited by many who love the green nature as a form of leisure.

Here in the botanical garden you will experience the view of various plant species some which are even indigenous in the current environment. The garden with its high technology and qualified plant experts help to ensure that the indigenous species of plants stay protected at all times.

A look into a brief history of the Atlanta botanical garden. It resulted due to a legal citizen petition in 1973 and in 1974 got the first director known as Holden Arboretum. The garden made major steps such as securing a lease from the city and also got involved in various activities such as events, social responsibilities and many more which led to the growth and development of the garden.

The garden built its first permanent sculpture known as the garden house. This played a great deal in paving way for many more sculptures. After some few years the Fuqua and children garden sculptures were also introduced into the garden leading to simple expansion measures.

The executive director brought along a great success after organizing a great exhibition in 2003.The botanic garden received several sculptures from different countries such as France, Germany and even California. In 2009 following the death of Henry Moore the garden hosted his memorial and secured his own bronze memorial sculpture. This really boosted the popularity if the garden even to an international level.

The introduction of glass art exhibition dubbed the Chihuly exhibition saw the attendance of very many individuals double the number that the garden would hold in previous exhibitions. They had to extend the dates of the exhibition due to the unsatisfied customers who wanted more and more of the garden’s beauty.

Popular to many at the current time, the garden has a light show. The start of this was in 2011 where they expose their customers to a beautiful lighting experience. The number kept on growing and today it is a very common vacation plan to most f the families during winter.

The garden also provides a unique walk into the Kendeda canopy exhibition. In the man made forest is built a sky walk bridge by which you can tour the whole of the forest while viewing some of the only remaining trees in the environment. It is 600 foot long hence quite an adventure. The environmental nature is quite pleasant to its great natural taste. Just before you head into the Kendeda forest you will pass by the Japanese and rose gardens. Be careful not to be hooked here by the beauty of the garden since there is more to see in the woodland.

Take a visit into the Atlanta Georgia Botanical garden and enjoy nature at its best.