Planning A Trip: Let’s Learn About Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia is offering year-round fun to all tourists and natives that happen to be in the Atlanta area. Every Halloween they have their freight fest. This is an excellent adventure for those who would love to enjoy the thrill of haunted houses and roller coasters in the same location. They also have a water park that’s great for summer fun. Cool off and lower your blood pressure after taking a ride on their skyscreamer by hopping into one of their many pools.

The Cost Of A Day Pass

Before entertaining the idea of taking your family to a theme park, you’re probably going to want to know how much it’ll cost you. As far as theme parks with licensed character actors go, all six flag locations are relatively cheap. You’ll save even more money if you go with the season pass. In fact, full adult admission costs around $60. While the cost of a season pass is only is only $51 right now. It’s currently on sale. Sales are relatively common, especially during the off-season.

A child’s ticket can be bought for a cheaper amount. Don’t think it’s going to be sixty dollars per person for the entire family. Right now, a child’s ticket can be bought for $44. Plus, children under the age of two get free admission. It wouldn’t be fair to charge since they can’t enjoy most of the rides because of their height.

Limited Hours During The Off Months

While this theme park is open year round, they are not open everyday in some months. For example, in October they are mainly open on the Weekends for freight fest. Be sure to check the calendar that’s available on the website before you plan your visit.

Love DC Comics And Bugs Bunny?

This park has recently added two new family fun areas. If you’re a fan of superheros, you’re going to love their new DC Super Friends area. They’ve also added Bugs Bunny Boomtown. In total, these areas add twelve new rides and attractions.

Get Your Tickets Today

Since this park’s open year round, there’s no reason to weight. Get tickets now so you can treat every month of the year like it’s summer. At the moment, getting a season pass is an extremely smart decision if you live in Georgia, or are going to be staying in the area for a while.