Animals To Visit At The Atlanta Aquarium

The Atlanta Georgia aquarium is absolutely massive. It also houses some of the most spectacular and unique marine animals from around the world. Below are just a couple of the animals you can see during your next visit.

The African Penguin.

The African penguin is one of the more unique animals you’ll encounter while visiting the Atlanta aquarium. Most penguins spend their lives in cold, snowy regions of the world, but not these guys. They live in large colonies off the cost of Southern Africa and the surrounding islands. They are referred to as jackass penguins because they communicate with sounds similar to that of a donkey.

The African penguin can grow up to two feet tall and they weigh around 8 pounds on average. Their diet consists mostly of anchovies, squids, and sardines. They are able to hold their breath under water for up to three minutes while they fish for these tasty snacks.

Like most other penguins, they use their flippers and short tails to navigate under the water at incredible speeds. Their bodies are insulated with a layer of waterproof feathers. The feathers on the belly help them camouflage with the light. This is to protect them from predators looking up from the depths of the water below.

Alligator Gar.

The alligator gar resembles something from a nightmare, but is a fan favorite when viewers are protected by a layer of glass. The body is that of a fish, but the head resembles an alligator with its long, flat snout and razor sharp teeth. It’s definitely something you don’t want to swim up next to, yet it calls many of the rivers in North and Central America home.

The alligator gar is the largest of the gar species, which are related to the ancient megafish. The alligator gar can get up to 300 pounds and ten feet long and live in fresh water. As mean as they might look, there aren’t any recorded attacks against humans by the gar. Of course, it’s still best to stay away if you should ever encounter them in the wild.

Few animals are bold enough to prey on the massive alligator gars. The younger, smaller gars are sometimes attacked by larger fish. Some alligators are willing to try their luck with the gar should they encounter them.

As for the gar’s diet, it consists of any and everything it can find. This includes turtles, fish, carrion, and even birds.

Plenty More.

This is only the start. There are many more animals located at the Atlanta Georgia Aquarium. It’s definitely worth a visit for you and the whole family.